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Cheswick GreenPrimary School

Year 3

Remote Learning


Dear Parents


Once again, may I extend my thanks for the ongoing support that you have shown this term which has helped the children adjust to the new routines of school life and hopefully enjoy their time back at school.


We remain in very uncertain times and the threat of having to close a class bubble unfortunately remains an ever-present possibility. When we return, we will remain vigilant at school with the health and safety measures in place and would appreciate your support in reiterating at home the important messages about how we can prevent the spread of the virus when the children return in January.


In the event of a class bubble having to close for an extended period, we would need to revert to children learning remotely and I thought it would be useful to outline what this would look like for Year 3. If this does happen, you would receive an email from myself with a lockdown plan which would outline the format of remote learning for the class and a suggested timetable for each day. We would be using both Microsoft Teams and J2E as our learning platforms. The children, and yourselves, are very accomplished in using J2e, so this platform would be used to complete work set by myself. Each day, work would be updated, and the children would be given time to complete and mark these. The activities set would be in line with the curriculum being taught at the time of lockdown. Encouraging and supporting your child to complete these would be very much appreciated. 


The children are less familiar with Microsoft Teams but have experienced assemblies in this type of format. As mentioned, a timetable of our 'virtual lessons' would be emailed to you so the children know when to be online. Accessing these lessons will be very important as I will be leading sessions to support the children, and / or introduce new concepts. I appreciate that family circumstances will be different and accessing the online learning may bring challenges for some families. However, I would do our very best to support your child to ensure that they were still able to access some learning at home.


Initially, a paper pack may be sent with your child to support them if , for instance, we were sent home as a bubble during the day. This would allow time for all information to be emailed to yourselves, and it would also give you an opportunity to prepare for online learning at home.  


Thank you as always for your support, and if you have any further questions about this when we return please email me.

Enjoy a restful holiday.

Miss Wilson