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Reception (F2)

Remote Learning


Dear Parents


Thank you so much for the ongoing support that you have shown this term which has helped the children to adjust to the new routines of school life and hopefully enjoy their time back at school.


We remain in very uncertain times and the threat of having to close a class bubble, unfortunately remains an ever-present possibility should the class need to self-isolate due to any positive cases of COVID-19. We remain vigilant at school with the health and safety measures in place and would appreciate your support in reiterating at home the important messages about how we can prevent the spread of the virus.


In the event of a class bubble having to close for an extended period, we would need to revert to children learning remotely and I thought it would be useful to outline what this would look like in Foundation 2 (Reception).  If this does happen, you would receive an email from myself with a lockdown plan which would outline the format of remote learning for the class and a suggested timetable for each day.  I would be using our Blog to communicate home learning activities for each of the 7 areas of learning covered in Foundation 2.  On the Blog I also hope to offer recorded stories linked to our learning theme for you to share at home.  


I appreciate that family circumstances will be different and accessing or completing learning activities may bring challenges for some families. However, I would do my very best to support your child to ensure that they were still able to access some learning at home.


Thank you as always for your support,


Miss Norton