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Cheswick GreenPrimary School

Our School Improvement Plan for 2019 - 2020


Key Priorities:

Priority 1

Review the school’s curriculum offer to all our pupils including EYFS so that the balance of curriculum coverage in all subject areas is correct and no area of the curriculum is compromised.

Priority 2

To develop the use and assessment of all core and foundation subjects using the agreed school system, which is following an Assessing Pupil Progress approach.

Priority 3

Raise the proportion of pupils achieving Greater Depth in Reading, Writing and Mathematics in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to at least equal to National.

In addition we have six focus areas:

Focus 1  - Continue to improve the school’s systems to develop the character of our pupils particularly through our PSHE and behaviour systems and including the use of Zones of Regulation, school buddies, learning journals, BLP.

Focus 2 - Continue improvement of the effectiveness of our provision for SEN pupils including interventions and closing the gap activities. 

Focus 3 - Staff training and CPD to ensure that all staff are confident, competent in developing and delivering our curriculum.

Focus 4 - Improving the engagement of parents and the community with our school including workshops, parent shares, community events.

Focus 5 - To provide more whole school creative days / events linked to whole school themes e.g. Eco, British Values, Cultural awareness, Life Ready .

Focus 6 - Continued development of EYFS provision including Foundation unit and EYFS provision covered by Cheswick Chimps (Playgroup and Wraparound).